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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Day I Will Never Forget

I knew something weird was going on today.

I drank too much with THP and Apollo last night. So, I woke up late. I couldn't find one of my black shoes and had to change my shirt and belt to match the brown shoes I could find.

THP made me vegetarian chili for dinner and said I could bring some to work for lunch today. I put the chili in a tupperware and left it sitting on the dining room table.

I was late to work. I scratched my car against a pillar in the parking garage.

But none of this tops the fact that I have been PUNKed today. In a big way. Far beyond any practical joke I could ever devise.

My hats are off to the most evil bloggers ever: Patrick, The Executive, Famous Author Rob Byrnes, Michael Vernon, Crash, Chrisafer and Gatsby's Ghost.

And I thought we were friends. Well, except for Rob.

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