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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Time for a Break or Time for a Date?

Juju and I have been e-mailing this morning about the demands of being an actor. We are both performing in Thrust, which opens Saturday night at Stark Raving Theatre. After this show, I think I need a break, and Juju is contemplating going on hiatus as well.

The problem is that we actors can put so much stock in what we create that we feel we have nothing to offer unless we are performing. If we aren't acting, then, as Juju put it, "What will I be? Who will I be? What will I do?"

Before I did 10 Naked Men I took a break (eight months) from acting. I wrote a few sketches and participated in The Writer's Nightmare, but I didn't take on any major roles for that period. When people would ask me what I was working on, I answered, "nothing" and felt like the dullest person in the world.

So, if I take a break from acting, does that mean I will have time to meet new people again? Because there are a few potential guys "waiting in the wings", and all I have to do is take a chance on them. In two separate conversations yesterday I confessed that I have been avoiding dating anyone since I returned from Cleveland. Even though I am as single as ever, I guess I needed some recovery time before putting myself back out there again. So, why am I not taking these dating opportunities, especially since I am constantly talking about wanting a boyfriend? Because, frankly, dating sucks sometimes.

The Handsome Prince pointed out to me last night that if I start dating again I will have a great source of material to write about. Dating stories, as we all know, are comedy gold. That was just the advice I needed. As long as I am going on these dates for you, my dear readers, I will be able to endure anything. The worst date will be the best blog entry.

And if I luck out and have a really great date, well, I'm sure you wouldn't mind hearing about that either, now would you?

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