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Monday, July 12, 2004

What a Dork

The more I read my 1982 diary entries, the more convinced I become that I wouldn't have wanted to hang out with me in junior high school:

April 15
Ummm...oh yeah! I got a GO-GO's record. It's FABTASTICAL!

April 22
Jodi's braces look beautiful. She's really starting to blossom into a beauty.

April 24
Just a word on music. Medleys seem to becoming popular. First the Beach Boys, then Beatles, now Stevie Wonder.

April 26
I did a VERY VERY unprofessional thing today. I kept laughing in our performance of "You Can't Take It With You". It was awful.

April 27
Today I heard a terrible thing. There are records that sing satanic songs when played backwards. When played forward the thoughts subconsciously enter your mind. Luckily these are only on hard rock records!

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