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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Morning Hair

Famous Author Rob Byrnes won the poll in which votes were cast to determine the next person I should blog about. Also, he pulled a GW and cheated his way to victory. He is getting pissy, because I haven't mentioned him yet. There is nothing worse than a pissy Famous Author.

So here is my tribute to Rob: Rob is not pretty in the morning. Sadly, I did not learn this firsthand.

Rob and I often exchange catty e-mails in which we talk about all of you. "I am You" is one of his favorite things to say to me. I guess Rob wishes he were me.

Who can blame him?

Yeah, Rob. You are me, except with a boyfriend, published novels and prestige.

One thing Rob and I do have in common, apart from our rapier wit and enthusiasm for spirits (not the Holy kind), is that I am not pretty in the morning either. Click here for Juju's prize-winning photo entitled, Morning Hair. (The photo is huge. I thought it would be more horrifying for you that way.)

After I wake up and get coffee I may be posting again today. You sit right there and hold your breath.

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