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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Dear Diary, Part Two

Yesterday I began sharing diary entries from 1982, when I was 16. As I reviewed these entries I noticed the usual issues. Food, desperate attempts at liking girls, and a cameo appearance by Attention Deficit Disorder on March 17.

February 9, 1982
Dad wanted some cigarettes tonight. It's hard to tell him how to avoid cigarettes when I have so much trouble avoiding food.

February 13
I saw "Night Crossing" today. I bought my ticket and went in - when Tony said it didn't start for another hour. I had to carry my popcorn around the mall until it started.

[How I got popcorn before knowing what time the movie started is beyond me. What did I do? RUN to the concession stand?]

February 16
Andrea is off my "Girls I Like" list. I loaned her my book, and she gave it to someone. She didn't even seem sorry so Good-bye Andrea.

[Actually, does this even require commentary?]

February 25
Tonight after school I realized how special Marcia is. She's really a lot like me. I think she's pretty also.

March 7
We took Mom to Red Lobster for her birthday. I wanted to go to "People's" but Mom wanted to please everyone.

[People's had chairs with legs that actually looked like human legs wearing funny socks and shoes)

March 9
When Mom went to Sweet Adelines, Kelly gave me a lot of trouble. I wish we wouldn't have fought on Mom's birthday.

[Kelly is my sister who was nine at the time]

March 13
I tied for 6th at the speech tournament. The judges didn't follow the same rules I was given. They were terribly unfair.

March 14
I can't believe I slept till 11:00 a.m. Yesterday after the tournament I was depressed so I went straight to bed.

March 17
I got a little more acquainted with Beth Richardson. A man climbed almost all the way up to the top of the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

[Attention Deficit Disorder at its best]

April 6
I have been so busy that I forgot about writing in my diary. Also my life had been kind of boring.

April 7
I wonder if I'll ever be invited to a neat party. Nobody seems to think I'd be any fun at a party. I WOULD but I wouldn't want to be invited to one where the kids drink alcohol or do WORSE THINGS.

[You will be relieved to know that I often get invited to "neat parties" now where I drink alcohol and do worse things...]

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