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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

What is Toaster Oven?

Thanks to Kris for this great link. This is what Google thinks of Hot Toddy...

hot toddy is served
As I should be. Now run and get me a Maker's Mark straight up.

hot toddy is definitely moving on
Well...I'm trying to. Although the number of entries about past crushes and love affairs might suggest I'm not moving on quickly enough.

hot toddy is an obvious right facing dihedral located on the southeast face of maverick buttress
Uh, thank you. I feel the same about you.

hot toddy is traditionally made with bourbon or rye
No comment.

hot toddy is destined to be a classic
Are you calling me old?

hot toddy is wanting to strongly uphold reality in a show about a teenager from another planet who can bend steel
You read my mind.

hot toddy is even safe for kids
And animals. Don't forget animals.

hot toddy is an art perfected by trial and error
Too right.

hot toddy is a very nice young doe with good depth and width
I believe the proper term is girth, but thanks.

hot toddy is a total lovebug who isn't happy unless he's in the same room as you
And you, and you, and you...

hot toddy is your grandmother in the kitchen
Only if your grandmother drinks too much, forgets to turn off the burners and talks incessantly about The Rock.

hot toddy is guaranteed to give you a chill
Hand me an ice cube and let me show you.

hot toddy is pretty nasty
You love it.

hot toddy is not out of the question
But I won't rest until I become your answer.

hot toddy is not allowed
Try and stop me.

hot toddy is a bad idea
If you are trying to be good.

hot toddy is going to help
Hand me an ice cube and I'll show you.

hot toddy is all but walking away with the top honours for best hair
Yeah, it's pretty great, isn't it?

hot toddy is waiting whenever you are ready for it
Are you ready? Hurry up.

hot toddy is needed to keep the cold out
I've been told I'm like a furnace.

hot toddy is for you
Act now. Supplies are limited.

hot toddy is a great way to relax your cold body on a cold winter's day
You'll love my massages.

hot toddy is deliciously built
Okay, okay. Enough with the flattery, Google. I'll do you.

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